My Company, Support app for Business, HR, Marketing departments.

My Company is a MTCS project. A customizable App for your company, effective, fast and on time to support the departments of HR, Business and Marketing.

Live in a few days, My Company guarantees the client an immediate performance on business, business organization, competitor analysis and feedback from the field force.

Low installation and maintenance costs, simple usability, customization and scalability make My Company the App developed for your company.

My Company makes everything simpler

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Coordinate the Staff at best

With the My Company app it is possible to direct all employees in company procedures and in the knowledge of their new colleagues.
Some main functions for the HR department:

  • Have all your company’s employees just a click away. With a filter system they can search and contact each other for the exchange of information and advice.

  • To guide employees in company procedures, such as the management of sickness, maternity, the payment of a fine or the request for a new PC. Your employees will always know what to do and who to contact.

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Business Suupport

Supporting the business with useful, fast and dynamic tools increases the performance of the sales force. My Company helps manage customers on the move, offering access to all the info on products, offers and marketing materials.

  • Arrange the entire product catalog with info and photo gallery

  • Download and send the product sheet and all MARKETING material made.

  • Know all the launches of new products.

  • Having all the events, meetings and expo events at your fingertips.

  • Always be updated on market trends.

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Choose it for your company.

My Company is your new tool for Communicating, Informing and Selling! Able to respond quickly, on time and always updated to all your requests.



  • Promotes exchanges of information and advice between managers and colleagues of the company.
  • Find an archive of useful and always available questions and answers to guide you in the company.


  • The entire product catalog for detailed and timely information.
  • The agenda of corporate or competitive events and meetings.


  • Product sheets always updated.
  • Sales support tools always available on the move.
  • Detailed information on market trends.
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