B2B portals for the trade channel.

Communicating with your customers is a fundamental step for a successful relationship over time.

In a highly dynamic field such as direct sales in pharmacies, offer a simple web tool that allows the pharmacist to monitor in total autonomy orders, the relative progress, the bubbles and the related invoices issued, can be a strong characterizing element compared to the competition. Over the years, MTCS has gained solid experience in this area.

Management of returns and returns for destruction.

If a pharmaceutical company sells in pharmacies either directly or through distributors, it knows that a very sensitive issue is the management of returns, in particular the returns for destruction.

MTCS has developed an extremely effective solution to manage this process, reducing manual administrative controls, increasing the speed of response to customer requests with a significant increase in their satisfaction.


CRM for the hospital business.

MTCS has developed a complete and particularly performing solution to support commercial activities in the hospital. The sales force can finally count on a robust tool that automates and facilitates most of the manual operations.


Control Panel for sales force.

Regardless of the management tools used by the sales force, MTCS has developed a mobile tool that allows each vendor, and in an aggregate view to the related area managers, a quick and timely check on the main critical issues related to each customer, such as for example unpaid, credit blocks, pending contracts, out-of-stock products.

Co-marketing Automation.

The co-marketing processes are for pharmaceutical companies an important tool for retaining their customers. To be effective they must be supported by a punctual and efficient administrative process.

MTCS has created a complete solution that allows to manage all the steps of the process, from the issuing of the contract to the payment of the pharmacy invoice.

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